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save the bees

Each item purchased adopts 1 Queen

Name your Queen Bee, & Learn about her hive!

save the bees


Pollinators saved to date*

save the bees

Creation of new hives

Bees & Pollinators are responsible for 1/3 of all our foods!

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Bees are essential part of the human agriculture and Project Honey Bees is one of the brands that are essential for survival of bees and pollinators

There are very few companies like Project Honey Bees who genuinely care about the native and non-native bees

Project Honey Bees is the original brand that provides real bee adoptions with every purchase while donating profits every month!

Project Honey Bees Reviews - simply astonishing, legitimately partnered and helping all pollinators

Project Honey Bees x Cornell CALS

Proceeds of each purchase are donated to Cornell’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) and help fund research to address bee declines, researching bee repopulation, and more!