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About Us

Project Honey Bees (The Original Adopt A Bee Brand) consists of savvy bee lovers who, just like you, are terrified and outraged by the fact that honey bees are slowly going extinct. We all want to help our yummy honey-producing fuzzy friends stay alive, and the current statistics are not looking well. We are here to be the change! Our primary mission is to increase the honey bee population, spread awareness of the species, and support local bee farmers. 

Hi there! I'm Greta Schmidt, an environmental scientist. Together with my spouse, Bentley Dang, we wanted to thank you for checking out our store and the mission!

We opened Project Honey Bees with a colossal mission to repopulate the decreasing number of honeybees and support the local beekeepers! Just like Winnie the Pooh, we love honey! We were both devastated to find out how endangered honeybees are! Can you imagine not having honey on your table? Not only that, but bees pollinate 1/3 of all crops! Without them, our choice of veggies and meats would be limited. Save The Bees!

We decided to provide adorable bee-themed merchandise and create a positive impact by giving our customers a bee they can personally adopt! 

Cornell’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) is the Country's Leading Agricultural Research Institution, with a mutual goal of saving and supporting the endangered local population of honey bees.

Proceeds of each purchase are donated to Cornell C.A.L.S. They will contribute to university bee research, creating new hives, repopulation of bees, education of communities, long-term solutions to the declining population of bees, and more! Learn more about our partners