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Project Honey Bees - What is it?

Posted by Ann Garaygay on
Project Honey Bees - What is it? - The Project Honey Bees

Save The Bees With Project Honey Bees!

Did you know that honeybees are disappearing at an alarming rate?

While you may not think the sudden disappearance of bees is a problem, the latest climate and agricultural science shows that honeybees keep our planet healthy and thriving in ways we can never imagine!

Project Honey Bees was founded by a team of bee-loving individuals who are on a mission to help save our beloved bee populations.

Proceeds for every purchase are donated to support UC Davis to help with research and protection.

That's right - you can make a difference right now by adopting a bee by purchasing any of our Project Honey Bee jewelry and accessory today!

The Importance Of Honeybees To Our World

Honeybees pollinate our flowers, vegetables, and fruit trees. As honeybee populations decline, an estimated one-third of the world’s crops are in danger of extinction too.

The Honeybee population has declined rapidly over the past several decades due to colony collapse disorder (CCD). In this phenomenon, honeybees abandon their hives due to causes such as parasites, pesticides, and many other unknown reasons.

The honeybee population in North America is currently at its lowest point since the 1940s due to the effects of climate change and other natural disasters. The honeybees that are left face threats from pests and disease with no practical way to combat it all.

At Project Honey Bees, our goal is simple: we want to help make sure that our world continues to be a place where honey bees can thrive. With all the critical roles that honey bees play to keep our planet spinning, would you say we should all play a part in helping our smallest furry friends?

Project Honey Bees Supports UC Davis In Saving The Bees 

Will You Adopt A Bee Today?

Head online to see our full line of Adopt A Bee jewelry and accessories inspired by our furry little friends! With necklaces, bracelets, pins, and more, Project Honey Bees is helping raise support for honey bees - and keeping you stylish at the same time!

When you adopt a bee with Project Honey Bees, our team will directly send a portion of the proceeds to the UC Davis Honey and Pollination Center These crucial funds contribute to UC Davis' ongoing bee research, the creation of new hives, and the repopulation of the honeybee population.

Project Honey Bees is proud to support UC Davis to continue educating our communities about how they can help with their own gardens to help restore some balance in this fragile ecosystem we all rely on!

We invite you to join us in our mission today! Head online to learn more about Project Honey Bees, and to find your very own bee today!

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