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Project Honey Bees - Adopt a Bee Pin


Don't remember the last time u were stung by a bee? That's because they are now ENDANGEREDšŸ’€

Now more than ever,Ā Bees Need Our Help!Ā Millions of honey bee hives are disappearing every single year and beekeepers all over the world experience up toĀ 90% LOSSĀ of their colonies every year!Ā 

Help Save TheĀ Bees!Ā Spark conversations with our handcraftedĀ Adopt a Bee Pin!Ā Adopt and NameĀ Your Very Own Unique Queen Bee!Ā On top of that, the proceeds of each purchaseĀ Will Be DonatedĀ towardsĀ saving our sweet honey-producing friends.

Project Honey bees save the bee necklace

Reminiscent of the fuzzy, plumpĀ little bees that buzz around summer gardens, wearĀ ourĀ Adopt a Bee PinĀ to express your support of bees, or get it for a bee lover you know as a thoughtful and meaningful gift!

  • Save The Bees!Ā -Ā TheĀ Adopt a Bee PinĀ was created toĀ spread awareness and provide help to the bees and beekeepers from all around the world! Each purchase helps our little fuzzy, honey-producing friends survive another day!
  • High-QualityĀ -Ā TheĀ Adopt a Bee PinĀ is beautifully handmade with stainless steel, and just like every bee in the hive, no 2 are exactly alike, adding to the charm and quality of our pin!
  • Adopt a Unique Bee!Ā - Every itemĀ adopts a unique bee, get a certificate of adoption, name your Queen Bee, and see your new fuzzy friend's pictures!

Be Proud of Yourself!Ā Proceeds of each purchase willĀ fund university-based pollinator research, create bee-friendly habitats, support theĀ shrinking bee population, and more! We are proudly partnered with the world's nr 1Ā agricultural school -Ā UC DavisĀ in our mutual goal of saving the bees!Ā More Info


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Bee Research

UC Davis is uniquely qualified to investigate declining populations of honey bees, native bees and other pollinators, and provide solutions. UC Davis' expert faculty is providing long term solutions to the decline of honey bee population by studying the queen bees' health and reproductive processes. Queen bees are crucial to the colony; they are the only bee capable of reproducing.

Now more than ever, bees need our help!

Millions of honey bee hives are disappearing every single year and beekeepers all over the world experience up to 90% LOSS of their colonies every year!