UC Davis is the top school in agriculture, and we are partnered with their Honey and Pollination Center with a mutual goal of saving the endangered population of honey bees, they also provide us with the real bees for the bee adoption program!

Project Honey Bees is proud to support the Honey & Pollination Center and research at UC Davis. The Honey & Pollination Center works with UC Davis departmental partners to promote research in the fields of pollination, bee health and honey quality and to help bring that information to our stakeholders and the public at large. The Center is actively involved in education efforts to build awareness of the importance of our native pollinators and honey bees.

Project Honey Bees is honored to contribute to UC Davis and their mission to promote agricultural, environmental, and social sustainability to meet the challenges global change through research, teaching, and public engagement.
For more information on honey bees and how you can help, please visit UC Davis Honey & Pollination Center to support this initiative!

Know where your money goes! Your contribution will not go unnoticed - see how your donation dollars help beekeepers save the bees in real time! Project Honey Bees are represented in and supplies many bee-saving activities all around the nation!

UC Davis's current research:

UC Davis is uniquely qualified to investigate declining populations of honey bees, native bees and other pollinators, and to provide solutions.

Current research includes, honey bee genetics and breeding, native bee biology and queen bee reproductive health. Queen bees are crucial to the survivorship and productivity of the entire colony as queen bees are the only bee in a colony capable of reproducing. The expert faculty at UC Davis continues to develop research providing long term solutions to the decline of honey bee population by studying the health and reproductive health processes of queen bees.

To learn more please visit UC Davis Honey & Pollination Center If you'd like to make a donation to the UC Davis, please use this Donation Link.

ProjectHoneyBees are exclusively partnered with UC Davis - Other websites that claim to be partnered with UC Davis that offer similar service are a scam. Please report any fake websites to us and we will take appropriate legal actions against them!