HoneyLove.org is a 100% non profit, 501(c)3 charity with a mutual goal of saving and supporting the endangered urban population of honey bees, who also provides us with the REAL BEES for our exclusive bee adoption program!

Proceeds of each purchase will be donated to HoneyLove.org and will contribute to creation of new hives, protection and the support of the current honeybee colonies, education of communities and inspiring urban beekeepers! More about our partnership.

Know where your money goes! Your contribution will not go unnoticed - see how your donation dollars help beekeepers save the bees in real time! Project Honey Bees are represented in and supplies many bee-saving activities all around the nation!

ProjectHoneyBees are exclusively partnered with HoneyLove.Org - Other websites that claim to be partnered with HoneyLove.org are a scam. Please report any fake websites to us and we will take appropriate legal actions against them!